Can I add my blog?

Absolutely! If you're an active member of the Mandriva Cooker community, we'd love to include your journal.

Send an email to the Planet Mandriva team with your name and the address of the blog. If you'd like, attach a suitably sized photo of yourself in PNG or JPEG format (around 200 x 300 pixels or larger; please no attachments larger than 500 KB). No need for artistic talent; we're more than happy to turn your photo into the appropriate-sized disembodied hacker head.

Would you please remove my blog?

No problem. We'll be sorry to see you go, but we're happy to comply. Just send an email to the Planet Mandriva team.

Could you link to (a site)?

Sure, if it's related to the Mandriva Cooker project, a contributor (especially one who doesn't have a blog) or a development project of interest to the community (for example, a major package like

I don't like the page designs!

That's not much of a question, but all right. We've included two designs by default. Feel free to examine the page's HTML and the two CSS stylesheets.

If you have a different vision, create a stylesheet and email it (along with any associated images) to the Planet Mandriva team. Please limit attachment size to 500 KB. If necessary, just send a link to where the file can be downloaded.

We'll take your proposed style into consideration and give you feedback. If we feel it provides an improvement or interesting alternative, we'll add it to the style selector.